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[Floor heating]

Support your health by the Japanese technology
Proposal of floor heating in the Middle East to create your healthy & comfortable lifestyle.

We would like to deliver our healthy thought of temperature management from Oriental medicine to your daily life in the Middle East

We therefore propose you our product of floor heating as an effective Solution to protect your comfortable lifestyle under these circumstances

An healthy risk of cold constitution to be caused by air-condition against well-being

Solution to supply both comfortable lifestyle and health simaltaneously

Floor heating achieving our ideal temperature control for health saying "keeping the head cold and feet warm"

keeping the head cold and feet warm

It is the most common health controlling method getting in shape in Oriental medicine which accelerates more smoothing blood circulation

Effects of floor heating

1. Achieving the ideal indoor temperature control for health

Appropriate indoor temperature control through the concept of Keeing the head cold and feet warm enables us have both comfort And health simultaneously

2. Far infrared ray effect warming the core of the body

Conductive heat is directly conducted from far infrared ray at our feet. Radiant heat is indirectly conducted. Both of them warm up the core of the body

3. Installation available without any change of indoor circumstances

No extra space required, We minimize the influence on indoor drying & humidity

2 distinctive characteristics to achieve the healthy life style in the Middle East

1. Installation available anywhere in a short period of time

We expand our operation with adequate construction knowledge & Know-hows accumulated in Japan.
No large-scale electric work required as we finally connect plugs for floor heating

2. Use of marble suitable for the living conditions & interiors in the Middle East

Installation available keeping the luxurious living conditions and solemn atmosphere

Achievement of the Japan quality efficiency and beautiful finishing Supported by the sophisticated technology

Unit construction of floor heating

① Heater materials

High-technology sheet of only 0.4mm in width

Compounded materials of both fibrous carbon and Japanese paper from traditional crafts. This width enables us install floor heating anywhere

② stylobate materials

Higher than Japan Industrial Standard in strength & safety

Our stylobate materials clear more severe performance testing than JIS in strength and safety

③ Marble

Beautiful finishing with sophisticated high-performance technology

Sophisticated marble slice processing achieves Japan quality

We expand our operation with adequate construction knowledge & Know-hows accumulated in Japan.

① Installation available to any existing floor materials without any damage

We install heating element panels not to damage the existing ones laying out vinyl sheets on top.
Vinyl sheets work as shock absorbing materials, protect the existing floor materials and maintain beautiful floors even after removal of hyperthermia panels

② Adoptable for complicated shape of rooms

We implement beautiful installation suitable for the roughness or curved shape of rooms with high strength and safety.

③ No worries about backlash of the floors from wiring and special electric work

We install electric wiring under the floor materials so that we are not required to worry about backlash of the floors.
We can work floor heating, once we plug in existing electrical outlet, without any special electric work from outside light lines.

Easy installation only assembling basic unit in the Middle East

Manufacturing all the core parts by basic unit structure in Japan, It is calculated for us to keep high construction accuracy even in the Middle East with an easy installation method in Japan quality.

If the size is 70㎡, installation is available in a day.
We can have a healthy & comfortable lifestyle straightaway.
We also install floor heating in any space from toilets and bathrooms to large halls or mosques.

Basic unit of floor heating

Installation of floor heating available keeping the luxurious living conditions and solemn atmosphere

We can install foot heating with health & comfort keeping the usual atmosphere of the space as we utilize their common floor material of marble in the Middle East.

As for installation in bathrooms & shower rooms, it alleviates potential risks of myocardial infarction or heat shock from sudden changes of temperature.

Installation flow ~operation process~

1. Site investigation
Measurement of installation points or Confirmation of electric system・capacity, stone material to be usedWe can choose marble among 5 kinds or more.

2. Design and construction
We make drawings with site investigation.

3. Making of auxiliary member for heat element panel
We integrate heat element panels beforehand to minimize installation hours on the spot

4. Construction
Only one day installation available if the space is about 20 pieces of tatami mat
*Additional work required in case wiring or circuit changes needed from installed breakers of electric outlet
*The number of total operation days varied on various conditions

Case studies

Studios with more than 100 people capacity

Corridor in nursing facility

State of floor heating monitoring test
If the surface temperature of the floor is close to 33~35℃, we feel very comfortable warming up our feet from our toes to heals. Some research subjects feel that their stiffness or fatigue is relieved.In 30 minutes time,it was confirmed that their blood vessel opened with smoothing blood circulation phenomenon.

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