Solar Panel

[Solar Consultant]

We are neither a solar cell panel nor a power conditioner (Voltage / frequency inverter
which converts direct currents into alternating currents.) manufacturer.
We are design consultants.

Installing solar panels is not what we are about. We are about designing high-power generation systems and providing an installation supervision service (from a third-party perspective) to ensure they function properly in the conditions we are given while keeping in mind not only initial costs, but maintenance costs as well.

The solar system we offer is very simple. We believe it is the balance (economies of scale) between the energy generated and capital investment that matters.

We accomplish our goals by selecting the most appropriate materials (solar cell panels / power conditioners) and construction technology (field management and worker expertise) for the surroundings and supervising (quality, process, safety, cost) installation to ensure it is done in accordance to the construction plan within the conditions (budget, location, scale) we are provided with.

In terms of materials, there was a time when Japan was known as the pioneer in the field of solar panels. But as we know, at this point in time the trade-off between cost and performance is unbalanced. However, Japanese power conditioners still have high product appeal. […conditioners are still highly regarded.]
Because the panels are solid state, in principle, they should have long life spans and minimal mechanical failures.
However, power conditioners have short life spans and their conversion efficiency (ratio of output power to input power) differs greatly depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, it is necessary to consider combining overseas products with Japanese products.

Some manufacturers handle installation themselves, but in such cases cost management of materials and labor become unclear.
So in most cases, we recommend choosing separate material suppliers and installation contractors.

Indoor solar panels are single-layer structures and installation is not difficult, but no matter how simple the procedure may be, when workers from different fields are brought together, oversight inevitably occurs.
Therefore, supervising who, with what type of expertise, handles which procedure becomes critical.
[Therefore, making sure each procedure is handled by a worker with the appropriate expertise becomes critical.]

By managing plans, materials, and workers, our company offers solar systems that provide economies of scale to our customers.

Module annual production capacity:600 MW class

Modular factory production situation



Asahi-city, Chiba(Industrial use/150kW)

Module specification:Monocrystal295W
Output scale:150kW
Delivery time:2014
Annual CO2 reduction amount:83.2t
Power scale:37 households equivalent

Hurumagi-city, Ibaraki(Industrial use/0.82MW)

Module specification:Monocrystal295W
Output scale:0.82MW
Delivery time:2014
Annual CO2 reduction amount:455.1 t
Power scale:246 households equivalent


Chichibu-city, Saitama(Industrial use/0.62MW)

Module specification:Polycrystal255W
Output scale:0.62MW
Delivery time:2015
Annual CO2 reduction amount:344.1 t
Power scale:184 households equivalent