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[Toru koubou Inc.]

which evolve their construction workmen with versatile techniques ,
not a single one in a short period of time as we have accumulated adequate repair & renovation technologies for a long period.

There is no vacant space in the Japanese metropolitan area now with many commercial & residential buildings as the construction rush had boomed in the postwar period.

We used to have a concept called scrap and build in Japan about 40 years ago, but we shifted our method to pay attention to renovation and durability , not rebuilding as we confronted some obstacles of cost & Japanese regulations.

However, we have now 2 big problems in Japan.
1) More unoccupied buildings or houses reflecting the recent reduction of repair expenses incurred by depopulation & aging societies.
We have concerns that our city might be dirty slums in particular areas of NY in the near future.
2) Labor environment problems (status deterioration by workmen and their unstable wages) Craftsmen cannot smoothly hand down their expertise and skills to the next generation with the declining birth rate in addition to the shortage of new craftsmen.

Our parent company, Taiyo Corporation has been thinking about new solutions since 2 years ago which evolve their construction workmen with versatile techniques , not a single one in a short period of time as we have accumulated adequate repair & renovation technologies for a long period of time against the big issue.

Toru koubou is the company newly founded to achieve these objectives.

First of all, we are making core schemes which we develop all the sophisticated skills & techniques succeeded by OJT together with off-OJT (textbooks to obtain their skills & practical OJT systems).
It is the first case by the private company in Japan and they will be completed by the next March .
We believe that it might happen not only in japan but also many countries with the period of `population onus in the world.
That is why we therefore provide our system platform to all over the world.
1) Design technologies which enable us construct durable buildings.
2) Repair technologies of reinforced concrete we have had under many earthquakes in Japan = Deterioration restrained.
3) Our rearing system for workmen with versatile techniques *Productivity highly improved.

We are planning to provide improvement in construction quality and work productivity in each country construction industry.

1)Passing Down Craftsmanship

Toru Koubou specializes in repairs and renovation. We are striving to become an organization comprised only of ‘multi-trade’ engineers.

Having the skills of the five essential trades for major renovation work allows one engineer to perform every process, resulting in longer contract durations.
In other words, decreased downtime and increased financial stability. Taiyo is already home to a crew consisting of multi-trade engineers.
We will continue to pass on the craftsmanship the company has cultivated for nearly 40 years.

The Five Trades of a Multi-Trade engineer


PVC Sheeting

Substrate Repair



The birth of a company with high added value, uncommon in the construction industry.

2)Development of Multi-Trade engineers

Our Ideal Tradesman

1. Acquires the five essential trade skills for major renovations in a short time period. (23 for new constructions)
2. Possesses the spirit of hospitality as a multi-trade major renovations construction engineer.

Versatility Training

①Painting Skills

0.5 ~ 1 Year

②Repair Skills


③Waterproofing Skills


④PVC Sheeting Skills


⑤Sealing Skills

Hands-on training from materials manufacturer approved experts.
Hands-on training at training center. A first for a major renovations company.
RAS (Renewal Artisan Support) certification assistance.

*Major renovations engineer certification issued by RAS (Renewal Artisan Support),
a General Incorporated Association.

3)Training and Development Base

In order to provide effective training and development, we are in the midst of constructing the Urawa-Misono Training Center.

1F Floor Plan

2F Floor Plan

4)Career Plan

We are preparing to put plans in place that will ensure tradesmen developed at Toru Kobo have a bright future ahead of them.

We want engineers to come knocking on our door with dreams of becoming multi-trade major renovations engineer.
At Toru Kobo, we offer a range of benefits including retirement allowance, entrepreneurship assistance, and a transfer policy to our parent company.

Versatility Opens Doors to New Opportunities

Path to Remain a Toru Kobo Employee as a Tradesman

We are preparing to put a retirement allowance plan in place for our employees.
Toru Kobo will ensure the security of our employee’s future up until and past retirement.
From a tradesman to foreman to supervisor, we hope our employees will continue to support Toru Kobo in every stage of their careers.

Path to Independence

It is not a dream for a Taiyo Co., Ltd. tradesman to become their own boss.
They should not hesitate to start up their own businesses, to hire and develop their own employees.
There will be no shortage of work. We make it our priority to outsource businesses to them.

Path to Site Manager

From a tradesman to site manager, our employees have the opportunity to advance from a non-managerial to a managerial position.
They will be given the opportunity to transfer to Taiyo Co., Ltd. as multi-trade site managers.
We will also assist them in acquiring the necessary National Qualifications to become site managers.

Toru koubou Inc.


◆Head Office
2-3-5 Tsuji, Minami-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 336-0026 Japan
TEL:+81-48-863-8948 FAX:+81-48-864-4686
◆Training Center (Scheduled Construction Site)
Genba-Shinden, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 336-0961 Japan

Company Dormitory

Men’s Dormitory: Musashi-Urawa
Women’s Dormitory: Ukimafunado


Representative Director Keisuke Abe

In-House Technicians

Certified Painters , Certified Waterproofing Technicians


Repairs and Renovations
・Substrate Repair
・PVC Sheeting

Business Registration

Construction license: *Pending